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Power Tour 2011


Die COMMON Power Tour macht am 10. November halt in WIEN.

Die große COMMON Power Tour 2011 macht Station in Wien! Damit haben Sie die einmalige Gelegenheit top aktuelle Informationen aus den IBM Labors zu erhalten und über aktuelle Themen zu diskutieren. 


 13:00 – 13:30 Key Note – Andreas Stepanek
 13:30 – 15:00 New Tools for managing IBMi – Gottfried Schimunek
 15:00 – 15:30 Pause
 15:30 – 16:30 DB2 Web Query – What’s new and Tips and Tricks – Rob Bestgen
 16:30 – 17:30 SQL Stored Procedures and Functions – Rob Bestgen

Ort: Leonard-Bernstein-Strasse 10 1220 WIEN Beginn: 13:00h Die Veranstaltung ist kostenlos! Link zur Anmeldung am Ende der Steite.

New Tools for managing IBM i

 Quite a few new functions have been added to IBM i recently allowing to manage Power Systems, helping with virtualization, setup and hosting IBM i partitions and many others. We will discuss and demonstrate how to use those new tools effectively. IBM Systems Director Navigator for IBM i, is a browser based Web console and built right into the operating system. Just point your browser to the 2001 port of your IBM i to launch this new Web console. This console contains over 300 Web enabled IBM i functions! Much of what previously was found in System i Navigator has been included, along with some new functions only available in this Web console. 

DB2 Web Query – What’s new and Tips and Techniques

 DB2 Web Query is IBM's strategic replacement for the Query/400 product that offers a robust and powerful alternative to its predecessor. The latest 1.1.2 version of DB2 Web Query contains many improvements to the product, from function to performance. Come to this session to learn about these exciting enhancements, including InfoAssist, the sleek new development tool. In addition, the session will cover several tips, techniques, and best practices that you should be aware of when using webquery to make the overall DB2 Web Query experience more enjoyable for developers and end users alike. 

SQL Stored Procedures and Functions

 Support for SQL Procedural Language (SQL PL) in IBM i has become instrumental in application modernization and porting projects. The procedural language can be brought to bear in many different aspects of database processing. In this session, we provide an overview of the SQL procedural language and describe the major areas in which it can be used: procedures, functions and triggers. This session will also highlight recent advancements in SQL PL as well as performance tips. 

Bio Gottfried Schimunek

 Gottfried Schimunek is a Senior IT Architect with IBM and has been taking a lead role in application and product development projects for over 25 years. Currently he is the Program Manager and Technical Consultant for IBM i on IBM Power Systems in the ISV Enablement team in Rochester, Minnesota. His primary interests are performance measurement analysis and capacity planning of applications. Gottfried is a frequent presenter at customer, user group, and technical conferences around the world. You can contact Gottfried at 

Bio Rob Bestgen

 Rob Bestgen works in the heart of the IBM i development lab in Rochester, MN. He is a Business Architect responsible for IBM i Systems Management and also for DB2 for i. He is a frequent presenter at customer briefings and customer conferences on both topics. 


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COMMON ist eine weltweite Vereinigung von IT-Managern und IT-Spezialisten mit dem Schwerpunkt IBM POWER Systems (System i und System p). 

Wir verstehen uns als ein aktives Netzwerk von IT-Managern und IT-Spezialisten. Wir nutzen unser Netzwerk zum Erfahrungsaustausch um unsere Ziele schneller und effektiver zu erreichen. Wir arbeiten eng mit IBM in allen Bereichen zusammen und können so unseren Mitgliedern zu entscheidenden Vorteilen verhelfen. 

COMMON Österreich arbeitet als gemeinnütziger Verein für seine Mitglieder. Nähere Infos unter!

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